Application FAQs

We have compiled a collection of FAQs to answer your questions and provide some common solutions to problems. Please read these before contacting us. If you have a question or problem with the application, when contacting us please provide as much information as possible and if possible provide any screenshots to help us troubleshoot any issues.

General Information

Where do I send my completed application and supporting documents to?

All applications must be sent to:

Hilary White (We Are FSTVL), PO Box 5352, Glastonbury, BA6 0DE


  • Applications must reach us no later than Monday 24th December 2018
  • Do not use staples in your application and if possible stick all your supporting documents in a poly pocket
  • Please do not send using recorded delivery, As its a PO Box address they will not be signed for by us. Without the postal form and documents your application will not be considered fully completed and will be refused.
  • Please ensure you have applied the correct postage costs in order for us to receive your application successfully.


Can I not just submit my application online?

Applications are submitted online, however we also require a printed copy sent via post along with your additional documents in support of your application.

What is the closing date for applications?

Fully completed applications must reach us no later than Monday 24th December 2018, please ensure all your supporting documents have been sent to: Hilary White (We Are FSTVL), PO Box 5352, Glastonbury, BA6 0DE

Please do not send by recorded delivery, as they are not able to be signed for.

When will I know if my application has been successfull or not?

We will let food traders know whether we are able to invite them or not by 5th JAN 2019 and non-food traders by 7th JAN 2019. Successful applicants will receive a confirmation letter detailing the next steps in meeting Secret Garden Party requirements. Successful applicants will receive a confirmation letter detailing the next steps in meeting Secret Garden Party requirements.

What is your selection criteria when choosing Traders?

We will be looking for creative, ethical traders who have something different, ingenious and will add to the atmosphere of the FSTVL. We will be looking for food traders who offer delicious, freshly produced food and offer good value for money to the festival goers.

What is the cost of trading at the festival ?

Due to the varying stall types, different trader requirements and types of traders. It is not possible to make prices available prior to the application process until we have fully assessed the applicant’s and the festival’s needs.  Prices vary depending on the type of stall you have and the products you sell. If your stall is selected to trade at this years festival we will discuss the costs with applicants at that stage.

My application has been selected - what do i need to to next?

Once you have been selected you will receive notification and be asked to submit proof of your valid certificates, we will send you a web link to upload these to and provide you with further information on the next steps.

Troubleshooting Issues

If you experience any issues

If you experience any issues with the new online form, please let us know by email


I haven't received my confirmation email after submission

After your application has been submitted, you are automatically sent a conformation email,  on occasions these may end up in your spam folder. Please check there. If your confirmation email is not there don’t worry as long as you have  pressed submit and seen the thank you confirmation at the end of the form, we had received your application. But please ensure you post the paper copy too.

Postal copies should be sent to:

Hilary White (We Are FSTVL), PO Box 5352, Glastonbury, BA6 0DE no later than Monday 24th December 2018

I currently don't have access to a printer to print the form and can't submit the application now.

It is very important that you print a completed copy of the application before you submit. If you don’t have access to a printer at the time of completing the form you should still use the print button within the form  as if you are going to print and choose the save to pdf option in the print pop up dialog instead.    Most printer and web browsers have this option however you may need to have a pdf reader installed.

The form does not display correctly on my mobile device?

We recommend you don’t use mobile devices to complete your application, this is because you are required to print off a completed version of the form during the process.

The printed version is misaligned

A number of third party factors may cause this, but it is difficult to identify them all. You shouldn’t experience any major issues with alignment during printing. However if applications are quite poorly formatted when printing, please save it as pdf version and send it to with details about the browser and version number you are using. so we can investigate the issue.

Please remember to also submit the form online at the end

The application isn't working in my web broswer

It’s  highly recommended you use one of the main web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE and where possible a recent version.

The form is a web based form and had been tested in most of the major web browsers, however due to the nature of the number of different browser versions and devices available, there may be some that cause the form to not function as intended.  If this is the case we always recommend you take the following :

  • Always refresh your browser window/tab
  • Clear your browsing cache/ history if still a problem
  • If the problem still exists you could try restating your web browser

if you are still have difficulties please let us know.