Welcome To We Are FSTVL Traders Application

We Are FSTVL Trader Applications 2019 are NOW OPEN!

Hi everyone,

We hope you’ve had a wonderful year in the sunshine!

We learnt a lot from our first year at the festival in 2018 and are looking forward to making some changes for traders in 2019.

We Are FSTVL is an electronic music festival for over 18 year old  which takes place from midday on Friday 24th May to midnight on Sunday 26th, at Damyns Hall Aerodrome near London .

Please be aware that alcohol concessions are dealt with by Head Office and we are unable to accept applications from traders to sell it
The licensed capacity is 35,000 per day Saturday & Sunday with up to  9,000 weekend campers arriving from the Friday.

For 2019 we are hoping to be able to offer direct water feeds for food traders, though this is not yet 100% confirmed.

There is also a chance the event is going cashless.

We’re pleased to announce that Head Office have agreed to reducing price of water, now to be wholesaled at £1.50 per unit (+VAT), and the price sold to the public will be capped at £3.
Other soft drinks prices to follow.

If you would like to apply for a pitch, please read the Terms and Conditions section carefully, follow the link to the application form and submit it online, then print off the paper copy and send it, along with your:

  • Menu or list of items you would like to sell;
  • Price list;
  • Colour photos of your stall and products;

To – Hilary White (We Are FSTVL), PO Box 5352, Glastonbury, BA6 0DE to be received by Monday 24th December 2018. Please check the postage and send by normal post (not recorded delivery)

Application process

2. Complete Form
3. Print It Out
4. Submit Online
5. Send By Post

Please don’t send any health and safety or insurance documents with the postal application, apart from a copy of your Food Hygiene Star Rating Certificate if you are applying for a food stall.

We will be looking for creative, ethical traders who have something different, ingenious or interactive to offer and will add to the fun atmosphere of the festival. In addition to delicious food, we will be looking for food traders who will use our excellent wholesaler, who will deliver daily and so reduce waste, food miles, our carbon footprint and traffic to and around the site. It is very important that we support them.

To be as fair as possible to everyone the stall fee is worked out for each stall separately when we receive the applications. It is based on: what is being sold; number of passes required; where the stall is sited; services required and in some cases the size of the pitch.

We are very pleased to tell previous traders that Head Office have agreed to reduce the price to traders of bottled water.
(details to follow)


If you have any queries, please contact us on Hilary@eventtradermanagement.co.uk & Toby@eventtradermanagement.co.uk   and we’ll be pleased to help, otherwise we look forward to receiving your application.

Please read the Terms and Conditions and to complete the application form by clicking on the button below:

Apply To Trade @ We Are FSTVL

Keep warm and cosy!

Toby & Hilary,